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I can write them out again, of course—write them the best I can recollect." "It would be of great assis


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    tance indeed, I can assure you," encouraged Kennedy. Honora, without another demur, walked over to a little writing-desk which seemed to be her own. Kennedy followed and placed a chair for her. Then he stepped back, though not so far but that he could watch her. A m

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    oment she paused, toying with her fountain-pen, then began to write. "My most frequent dream is a horrible one," she began, writing in a firm hand, although she knew that she was observed and was weighing every [50] word and action. "I have dreamed ever so many times t

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    hat I saw Vail in a terrific struggle. I could not make out who or what it was with which he struggled." At this point she seemed to hesitate and pause. I saw that Kennedy was carefully noting it and every mood and action she exhibited. Then, after a moment, gathering


herself together again, she wrote on: "I tried to run to him. But something seemed to hold me back. I could not move." Again she paused, t


hen very slowly began to write on another line. "Then the scene shifted like a motion picture. I saw a funeral pr


  • ocession and in

  • the coffin I could

  • see a face. In all my d

  • reams it has bee


  • n the face of Va

  • il." As she fin

  • ished, she seemed now to

  • be struggling w


  • ith her emotions

  • . The more I saw o

  • f Honora Wilford, the mo

  • re I was unable

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